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These works of art were designed for a joint exhibition of four artists. Our topic was the slow water

 as a part  of  the Budapest Design Week’s Slow Design program.

I was influenced by the recognition of countless features of the water.

I tried to show with my art works the inconceivable-as the water disappears from our hands, the transparency,

the softness, the rolling power of the waves, which are most of the time are usually swinging visionary .

I tried to find those materials, which reproduce these tactile experiments.

Therefore I choose paper, pounce paper, water clean Plexiglas and silver.

I tried to design several versions of my basic idea.

On this way I made the Wave and the Drift brooches.

We find the water in the rain and in the cloud as well. There I concentrated to the transparency and

 the motion.

You can find these in my works of Crying Rain and Stormy Cloud.

The third topic is the aquatic plants, but not in general, but as a flower.

At the end I made the Coral, and the Alga necklaces....

The art works are taking shapes continuously during their formation process.

I like to couple contrasting materials like paper and silver. Paper represents the transience, the dissolubility,

fineness, the lightness, the ethereal.

While the hardness, the rigidity, eternity is represented by the silver.

The water clean Plexiglas is equal with the feeling of to be or not to be.

It was a great pleasure to combine these different materials in each of my art works. 

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