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We say goodbye to plastic drinking straws, because

single use plastic straws are not environmentally

sustainable. But we all may remember when we have cut

the end of a straw 1/2 - 3/4 inch down, in four places and

splayed the ends for blowing bubbles.

So I have created the one of my favorite toys from my


I have made the straw from 925 Sterling Silver and the

bubble by using a 3D printer, so through modern

technique I would be able to produce "soapbubbles" in

series almost like the plastic straws which were mass


The bubble is printed from PLA, because it is an

environment-friendly plastic and fast degradable, similarly

to the short life of a real soapbubble.

I have intentionally chosen a middle priced printer and not

a top quality one. This printers started to spread in the housekeeping for makes toys and articles for personal use. That's why the surface of the bubble is striped. The chain flows out from the straw similarly to the rest of the soapsuds from the plastic straw during the game. With this chain the object becomes wearable, thus we can save and wear this beautiful memory.

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